What we Offer - Cat Services

Take the Lead provides the opportunity to have a consistent individual come to your home and spend time with your cat. Your cat is Take the Lead's priority and our service is focused on attending to their needs while they are in our care.

Cat visits include a change of water, clean up and disposal of excrement, a treat approved by the owner, and will ensure pet's station area is clean and most importantly giving attention to your cat.

Take the Lead requests an hour window to be able to fluctuate in regards to traffic and the weather.

Cat Services

Services Time Expectations/Deliverables Price
Cat Visit 15 minutes Play with cat – yarn and ball time $10
Pet Transport   • Pet Groomer (needs to be located in the area)
• Vet (appointment needs to be in the am or end of the afternoon)
$10 drop off and $10 pick up $25 per hour

Small Animal Services

Take the Lead also provides a small animal visiting services (prices to be negotiated).