What we Offer – Dog Walking and Let Out

Your dog(s) are Take the Lead's priority and our dog walking service is focused on attending to their safety and well-being. This service is helpful in decreasing pet owner's stress and anxiety to be able to let their dog outside when they have pressing priorities or are unable to physically walk their dog. Walking is very important for their health and sense of wellbeing and this will be performed by a consistent individual.

  • Take the Lead will pick up your dog from your home at a time that works best considering your schedule.
  • Your dog will be taken on an on-leash walk around the neighborhood.
  • To ensure a safe walk no device (ex. IPOD, phone) will be used during this time so that all attention is fully focused on the walk.
  • Basic obedience is positively reinforced during the walk.
  • Dogs will be returned home tired and happy. This service helps dogs maintain a normal routine in your home environment with a consistent and reliable schedule.

In the case of inclement weather such as snow storm, freezing rain and very hot or humid days Take the Lead will assess the appropriateness and length of a walk for your individual dog. If the walk is not advisable due to inclement weather we will ensure your dog gets out for a potty break and will play with them for the remainder of the visit.

Take the Lead requests an hour window to be able to fluctuate in regards to traffic and the weather.


Services Time Expectations/Deliverables Price
Dog Let Out 15 minutes Let out into the yard $10 (additional dog $2)
Dog walk 30 minutes Dog walk catered to your specific dog $15 (additional dog $4)
Dog Walk 45 minutes Dog walk catered to your specific dog $20 (additional dog $6)
Dog walking and dog let out service includes attention, change in water, clean up and disposal of excrement, a treat approved by the owner, and will ensure pet's station area is clean.
If required the dog will be dried off/and/or brushed.