What we Offer - Puppy Care

Take the Lead provides a puppy service to give owners a sense of security that their puppy has been let out. It is important to get the puppy outside for a potty break and to stretch their legs.

The puppy will receive the exercise and attention needed as they grow.

Puppy Services

Services Time Expectations/Deliverables Price
Puppy Care 20 minutes Puppy let out for fresh air and to do their business. Play with the puppy $12
Puppy service includes attention, change in water, clean up and disposal of excrement, a treat approved by the owner, and will ensure pet's station area is clean.
If required the puppy will be dried off/and/or brushed.

Puppy Care and Additional Dog Services

The following services are also available to the pet owner.

Services Expectations/Deliverables Price
Pet Transport Pet Groomer (needs to be located in the service area)
Vet (appointment needs to be in the am or end of the afternoon and within the service area)
$10 drop off and $10 pick up Or $25 per hour
Excrement Clean-Up Service Excrement cleaned up and disposed of $15 first 1/2 hour then $5 each additional 15 minutes
Other Services Negotiable