Mission Statement

All animals cared for by Take the Lead will be treated with respect, dignity and love just like they are our own pets and we will always have their best interest at heart. We have genuine affection for dogs and cats and will work to develop a good rapport with your pet. Your dog or cat is our top priority and Take the Lead is focused on attending to their individual personalities and needs while they are in our care. Exercise and attention for pets is very important for their health and well-being. Take the Lead believes in a consistent and reliable schedule to help maintain a normal routine for your pet in your own home environment.


  • Insured – Bink's Insurance
  • Bonded
  • Police check completed and available on request
  • Certified in Pet First Aid (2011)
  • Emergency Medical Responder Certificate (2010)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate© (2011)
  • Continuous learner of pet obedience and pet health

Why we have this service

Take the Lead has a lot of respect for those who love and care about their pets such as ensuring their dog and cat's needs are being met. We know how important your animal is to you. Take the Lead is an option for you to decrease the stress and anxiety of being home at a certain time to let your dog outside or visit with your cat when you have a busy schedule. This service provides you with a sense of security that your dog or cat's needs have been met.